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Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
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Levick notebook

Recently Antarctic Heritage Trust enlisted the help of our Christchurch branch to digitise the 1910 photographic notebook belonging to George Murray Levick that was found buried outside Scott's 1911 Terra Nova base in Antarctica.
This precious piece of history was entrusted to the NZMS team because of our reputation for ensuring fragile heritage items are handled with care, and the knowledge that staff are trained to meet curatorial standards.
As the notebook’s binding had been dissolved by 100 years of ice and water damage, paper conservator Aline Leclercq first needed to separate the pages. NZMS digitisation technician Katie Wilson then scanned the notebook within a day, in order for it to be rebuilt in sections and sewn back together.
The entire conservation process was completed within a week
The notebook has since been returned to Antarctica to join 11,000 other artefacts at Scott’s expedition base at Cape Evans.

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