Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
Image courtesy of Andy Fenton
Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library

Save Our Papers

A Collection Management Approach to Preserving the National Newspaper Collection by Andy Fenton LIANZA President Corin Haines has promoted sector conversations and discussions, regardless of topic, in the Polynesian spirit... read more »

Finding Funding

At NZMS we see talented people coming up with incredible ideas for projects to inspire, to educate, and to entertain their communities. We also see that the tricky part is... read more »

Levick notebook

Recently Antarctic Heritage Trust enlisted the help of our Christchurch branch to digitise the 1910 photographic notebook belonging to George Murray Levick that was found buried outside Scott's 1911 Terra Nova... read more »

Trilinear-array vs bayer-array digitisation - a comparison of technologies

There is a wide range of equipment used in digitisation.  The last five years have seen the rise of the digital camera with its inexpensive, high speed Bayer-type array... read more »

Light variability from batch to batch with LED lamps

We've been trialling LED lights in our Southern Regional office and they've been working well with our Canon DSLR rig. We had a failure in one of our... read more »

Digital Microfilm

The Otago Daily Times (ODT) is New Zealand’s oldest surviving daily newspaper.  It was first published in 1861 and NZMS has microfilmed the vast majority of these historical... read more »

Selling the Dream

Selling the Dream: the art of early New Zealand Tourism was a labour of love for authors Peter Alsop, Gary Stewart and Dave Bamford.  The book is a celebration... read more »

Family tapestry

Family treasures come in all shapes and sizes, over the years NZMS has digitised slide collections, photo albums, diaries, framed portraits and much other family memorabilia.  Often people come... read more »


The Southern Regional Digitisation Centre’s first ever job was a very significant one for Environment Canterbury (ECAN). The Lyttelton Harbour board collection of 7 photographic albums and over 1000 glass... read more »

Early Land Registers

Despite their age, these records which document the control and management of land back to the 1840s are still vital evidence of land ownership in NZ.  With the closure... read more »

NZ OFFICIAL YEARBOOKS: 119 Years of Statistical History

Creating a web version of the New Zealand Official Yearbooks back to 1893 was a landmark project for Statistics New Zealand. The Yearbooks are a fascinating window into NZ’s... read more »


The Treaty 2 U touring exhibition was jointly curated by Te Papa, Archives New Zealand and the National Library of New Zealand. It told the story of New Zealand’s... read more »


This beautiful early geological map of Otago once hung in the University of Otago’s Geology Museum.  It was sent north to be conserved in the 1970s but... read more »