In this post we discover the power of a crowd in these mini case studies. We have selected three quite different examples for you: the first a transcription project, the second an image based DAM solution, and the final case is a commercial solution.

Whether your project is private or public, or whether it uses a ‘wild’ (public/volunteers) or ‘tame’ (staff/contractors/members) crowd, there are some simple techniques to ensure it is successful. 1. Be very clear about your objectives Knowing exactly what you need to achieve means the system can be customised completely to your requirements, with inbuilt checks […]

Crowd Saucing Crowdsourcing As much as I love Christmas, I am reminded of the frustration I have with large crowds – where do these people magically appear from? All at once for 4-6 weeks everyday chores become almost impossible, supermarkets burst at the seams, car parks are non-existent, footpaths become labyrinths and even my quiet local […]