Digital Preservation

Local history provides the foundations of culture and identity within communities. It imparts us with knowledge to understand our past, learn from mistakes, and recognise the aspects that make our communities unique. Historical change is generated by countless individuals; everyone contributes to the ongoing story of a community and its social impact. Local history helps […]

NZMS were entrusted to digitise a rare collection of bound medieval manuscripts. These manuscripts exist within Dunedin Public Libraries’ Reed Collection which holds the second largest collection of medieval and renaissance manuscripts in New Zealand. The collection is largely comprised of religious manuscripts from Western Europe, and they range in date from c.1100-1700.

The digital world is becoming ever more ingrained in our daily lives, transforming the way we communicate, learn, and think. The need for online access to collections is growing, especially within the cultural heritage sector, and more recently within local government and private companies as well. Through digitisation, researchers and historians are finding new and […]

GNS Science, a New Zealand Crown Research Institute, is the leading provider of research and consultancy services surrounding geology, geophysics, and nuclear science. NZMS’s Wellington team recently received some fascinating work from GNS who requested digitisation of their unique and valuable collection of historical magnetograms. These magnetograms date from 1916 to 1991, and our team […]

The University of Canterbury (UC)’s Macmillan Brown Library has been working to digitise its extensive collections and have enlisted the help of NZMS. The Macmillan Brown collection was started in 1935, and has since grown exponentially through donations, transfer of existing collections, and selective purchasing by UC. Most notably it holds a diverse range of […]

Photographs frequently tell a story, sometimes revealing things that cannot be put into words. They can serve as a connection to the past; a reminder of people, places, and significant events. These are some of the reasons why it is important to protect photographs for future generations. Unlike digital photographs from more recent eras, older […]