Digitisation 101

NZMS were given a wonderful opportunity to host a Webinar for the LIANZA lunchtime 2015 series.
The topic requested was close to our heart, “Digitisation 101” things to think about when digitising your heritage collections.  We wanted to share our enthusiasm here at NZMS with the team discussing the things we enjoy doing, a look through our processes and giving you some ideas on doing projects yourself or using a bureau like NZMS.  LIANZA introduced our session as “Chat Show” style and the participants certainly kept the questions coming throughout the session.
The Operations team took on the challenge with our first goal to create a webinar that would inform, interact and leave a legacy online as well as promote NZMS.  Our format was to create 6-7 pre-recorded videos covering; an introduction to NZMS , why digitise, what can you digitise, assessing your collections, special handling, post capture processes and digitisation standards.  We interspersed between videos to chat and interact with the Webinar viewers.
We had a lot of fun sharing our passion for digitising, at any time during capture we had no less than 4 SLR’s, a Camera Slider, Steady Cam stabiliser and a few wayward hours spent on Adobe Audition and Premier. The team are really happy with the result and hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed creating it.