Environment Management Policy Statement

This policy statement outlines NZMS’ commitment, through integrated environmental management principles, to reduce our environmental footprint.

NZMS managers and owners are committed to implementing this Environmental Policy Statement and are responsible for direction setting, decision making and reviewing reports on environmental performance.

All NZMS employees are to demonstrate an individual commitment and responsibility to this policy and any associated environmental objectives and targets.

To deliver the intent of this policy, we commit to the following principles and practices:

  1. complying with all applicable legal and other requirements that relate to environmental management
  2. maintaining an environmental management system and integrating environmental management principles into our business plans and activities
  3. monitoring and managing the environmental effects of our activities to prevent pollution and continually improve our environmental performance
  4. raising awareness of, and commitment to, environmental management amongst employees and those working on behalf of NZMS
  5. working collaboratively with our customers suppliers and other organisations to deliver on our environmental commitments.