Phase One Cultural Heritage Solution

The world’s leading manufacturer of full frame medium format digital photography systems and imaging solutions has announced a partnership with NZMS. Allowing us to offer our New Zealand and Pacific clients superior advice and supply unrivalled medium format capture equipment for their in-house digitisation of cultural heritage materials (or historical records, art, maps, photos, objects and ephemera).

Under terms of this agreement, Phase One and NZMS are collaborating to broaden and deepen the focus of their technology for Cultural Heritage practitioners and organisations. With the release of the 150-megapixel IQ4 camera system and Phase Capture One 11.3, Phase One Equipment is set to open up new opportunities in the market. NZMS operate the only existing digitisation capability in New Zealand greater than 100 megapixels.

Moreover combining the latest hardware and software with the leading digitisation service supplier for cultural heritage organisations in New Zealand, who have, since 1990, captured some of New Zealand’s most significant documented history is exciting news for the the ‘GLAM’ sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums).

Download the Phase One Cultural Heritage Solutions Guide here.

iXH Camera Solutions

Phase One’s specialised research and development team have developed a configurable cultural heritage imaging solution that provides an ergonomic and efficient workflow, resilient hardware, and patented imaging capabilities. Their efforts have yielded the Phase One iXH camera system, designed with top of the line quality, durability, and ease of use in mind.

Built around a 151-megapixel CMOS backside illuminated (BSI) sensor, the iXH 150MP Camera System delivers the highest available image resolution. The sensor’s dynamic range (15 f-stops) boosts light sensitivity with very low noise to capture the smallest details, and delivers unmatched colour fidelity.

For more information about the Phase One iXH camera solution, please click here.

iXG Camera Solutions

The iXG Camera System is designed with ease of use in mind, reliability, flexibility and with phenomenally sharp imaging capabilities to ensure accurate recording of cultural artefacts. The iXG 100MP gives the highest resolution and flexibility, allowing capture of large objects such as drawings and maps, as well as smaller objects such as books, manuscripts and even collections of parchment.

The sensor’s 4:3 aspect ratio maximises the captured area and is suitable for most common object formats. The iXG’s robust build quality and 1 million actuation guarantee ensures reliability and durability for even the most demanding reproduction applications. The RSP 2-Motion motorised reproduction stand allows both the camera and the object to be moved, and thus allows for the capture of a wide range of object sizes and resolutions. The Phase One iXG Camera System comes with a Schneider Kreuznach RS 72mm iXG lens, which allows both sharpness and detail to be maintained across the field of view.
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Purchase an iXG Camera Solutions from NZMS to enhance your in-house cultural heritage digitisation.

XF Camera Solutions

Built on many years of experience in the high end photographic market, the Phase One XF Camera System brings unrivalled quality, accuracy, and reliability, and sets a new standard for a flexible platform equipped with everything that is needed for reproduction at the highest possible level.

Capture One for Cultural Heritage

For Mac and Windows

Capture One Cultural Heritage is a professional Rapid Capture Solution dedicated to the Cultural Heritage community. Built on the renowned Capture One software, the Cultural Heritage edition offers a highly specialised feature-set that delivers a significantly faster reprographic workflow during both capture and post-production. A Capture One CH workspace is a logical setup with a Collection of tools customised to optimise a given CH workflow. Workspaces may be made for tailoring the user-interface for preparation, for production and for file storage.Obtain high colour accuracy with the specialised ICC profiles optermised to be robust under the slight changes happening to lighting over time.

A simplified user-interface front-end provides for capturing to be handled by less-skilled operators and speeds up the workflow especially when working on large collections and large volume of documents that needs digitisation.

More information here.

Cultural Heritage AutoColumn and AutoPPI

Schneider-Kreuznach and Rodenstock lenses

Working with the renowned German optics experts, Schneider Kreuznach, Phase One have developed lenses that they are proud to pair with camera systems. Engineered for expanding camera technology, with clarity and crispness edge to edge; Phase One’s Schneider Kreuznach Blue Ring lenses have an inbuilt capacity to see beyond the present and grow with your camera system long into the future.

Copy Stands

In combination with the Phase One Camera Solutions, the range of Phase One copy stands complete your capture solution and allow you the flexibility to switch between large and small originals of all kinds.


The collection of Phase One Cultural Heritage Accessories are designed to increase smooth handling of heritage material while ensuring an efficient workflow.The range includes adjustable film capture stages, film carriers and glass plate holders.

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