Purchase your equipment through us and you have access to ongoing support, maintenance and assistance for your equipment


When your equipment is not in optimum condition or performing incorrectly, it could be the result of any number of issues that could potentially harm your material, the quality of your digital output or your digitisation schedule.

We take the stress out of owning your equipment, if your equipment needs maintenance our experienced technicians will assess, fix and identify any equipment issues and quickly get you back into production.

All our recommended equipment comes with a minimum 12 month warranty and in some cases a 3 year extended warranty is available.

We help you with some common maintenance issues such as:

  • Calibration.
  • Lubrication.
  • Wear and tear due to use.
  • Lamps need to be replaced.
  • Poor performance due to lack of regular cleaning, lack of staff training.
  • Inappropriate lighting, ventilation and filtration in the environment.
  • Inappropriate operation and poor processes by staff/users.


Our Maintenance Contract provides peace of mind through regular scheduled preventative maintenance visits, additional staff training and guaranteed service levels.

Contact our Equipment Specialists for Maintenance Advice