Family Tapestry

Family treasures come in all shapes and sizes, over the years NZMS has digitised slide collections, photo albums, diaries, framed portraits and much other family memorabilia.  Often people come to us ‘on the off chance’ thinking their treasure is too difficult to make a digital copy of.  It is satisfying how often NZMS can say “Yes we can help you”.
This tapestry was very important to a local family.  It was reputed to be embroidered by an ancestor who had worked as a seamstress for Queen Victoria.  The tapestry had been restored and framed a number of years ago and since then had been on display.  The family was concerned that it was starting to fade in the sun and that the details of the embroidery were becoming less visible.
They wanted to get a digital copy made – for back up and sharing with the wider family, and a print which they could frame and display in place of  the original.  Our Cruse scanner was well suited to the job. Its ability to capture detail and depth of field resulted in an image which captured the tapestry is all its beauty, where each stitch could be individually studied.  This ‘3D’ effect continued to the print, which looks like you should be able to touch it and feel the threads.  The client was delighted.