Inspired by NDF 2014

With so many inspiring speakers and messages this year, it was impossible to pick a favourite. Here are a few highlights the Recollect team came away with:
Many challenges were issued and visions put forward. It will be interesting to see how many will be taken up in 2015.
There were many wonderful and quotable sayings. For example;
“Its’ not about failing fast, it’s about learning fast” as Mike Kmiec so graciously pointed out.
“Being nice is cool” – Anna Dean encouraged us to be generous and use our profiles to help increase others through social media.
Brewster Kahle enthused on a “library of everything”, His comments to forget about putting walls in our way and just get on with it made many people think. Everything is possible!
“If there’s a sin in our world, it’s locking up the public domain” Mia Ridge’s comment sparked much agreement as she talked on collaborative collections through a participatory commons: from bare data to lived experiences.

It wasn’t all work as Rick Shera reminded us of our mortality and asked what we had planned for our online presence and digital assets once we’re gone. This got many thinking, tweeting and talking. What have you done?
We felt Reid Perkins, Upper Hutt City Library and Judith Bright, John Kinder Theological Library deserve a huge “shout out” for their fascinating presentations. It is always heartening to hear what ‘outside the box’ ideas different places are using to overcome perceived challenges.
These are just a small sample of the messages on offer at the conference and we encourage you to find out more at