LIANZA 2013: We’re here!

The stand looks fantastic and we have already met dozens of old friends!
The #LIANZA13 hashtag is getting a hammering and Andy (or should I say @Fentnz) is right in amongst it.  Top interest thus far is digitisation of out-of-copyright books that people want as e-Pubs, plus our perennial faves – the licorice allsort lollies on the wobbly stand – lure people in like moths to a flame and we extinguish the heat with our stand giveaway “Wai-NZMS – because we care” water bottles.
However if it’s colour you want check out the pic:  We’ve had librarians going gaga plotting which colour microfilm scanner will suit their decor.  Hamilton went one step further and are renovating their library around the colour-of-choice ST ViewScan colour chart with Michelle and Alison:
The response to our Newsletter has been strong and the coffee has all but been claimed – did you read that far?
Michelle, Alison, Marty & Andy at LIANZA 13 in Hamilton