Microfilm Processes

Our People

No one in New Zealand knows microfilm like we do!  In 2010 Rebekah completed the specialised qualification Certificate IV in Preservation Microfilming – the first person from a commercial microfilm organisation to receive this formal qualification. Andy peer-reviewed and co-wrote elements of this TAFE (Australia) formal qualification in 2005 and has provided input from New Zealand and Trade interests in microfilm standards since 1996.

Quality Assurance

NZMS microform services are delivered to all microfilm ISO standards, including ISO6199, ISO4087, ISO18901 and ISO18911:

  • Specialist handing of materials during preparation and capture.
  • Target preparation – metadata for each film.
  • Comprehensive frame-by-frame Quality Control(QC) of the completed Master film.


NZMS uses the only deep tank microfilm processor in New Zealand to facilitate the development of rich tonal detail in our images:

  • Deep tank processing using EPM chemicals.
  • Daily chemistry tests to check for specific gravity, acidity, density and contrast to meet ISO standards.
  • Weekly in-house tests for residual thiosulfate to ensure film permanence.
  • Monthly methylene blue tests to detect residual thiosulfate completed by an independent laboratory.

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