Microfilm Services

NZMS has preserved over 16 million newspaper images on film for future generations to enjoy. A significant portion of these are now part of the National newspaper Collection secure and safe at the National Library New Zealand. Many have been digitised and form the corpus of Papers past.


We manage modern and retrospective filming programmes for many institutions including public libraries, universities, historical societies and other organisations that want their present day and historical regional and community newspapers preserved on microfilm.

Our Microfilming services include:

  • Preservation Microfilming. (from digital or paper originals).
  • Acetate Recovery.
  • Material Preparation, Inspection and Collation.
  • Micropublishing, Duplicate Negatives (Intermediate) and Service Copy Positives (Access).
  • Microform Scanning (create digital images from your microforms).
  • Consultancy.
  • Condition Reporting.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Microfilm Storage.
  • Microform Scan-on-demand Services.
  • Archive Writing (Digital Microfilm / Analogue back up of your digital images, eg; COM – Computer Output Microfilm).


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