Preservation Microfilming

Since 1990 NZMS has produced high quality preservation microfilm on 35mm and 16mm Silver Halide film in our Wellington office. Our staff are qualified and trained in preservation microfilming and relevant ISO standards, and our history and expertise with the medium makes us New Zealand’s leading provider of microfilm services.

As part of our preservation microfilming suite of services we also offer the following:


We provide advice on all aspects of microfilm including storage, capture, preservation, condition management, duplication and replacement, conservation and disaster recovery.

Condition Reporting

We undertake an assessment of your microfilm collections to see if they comply with preservation and ISO standards; whether they are suitable for digitisation and duplication, or most importantly, if they require reformatting from acetate to polyester to ensure they last “forever”.

Disaster Recovery

We can clean and repair microfilms and have successfully duplicated films damaged by flooding and sprinkler accidents.  We offer assistance and guidance with your microfilm collection should they encounter a disaster.

Microfilm Collection Storage

Best practice in record management is that copies be stored in different locations, this ensures that in the event of a disaster you will have a copy that will survive. We offer storage services for your Master or Duplicate films.

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