Microfilm Overview

Microfilm remains a favoured medium for preserving documents such as newspapers, serials and manuscripts due to its reliability, durability, and its independence from technology. Microfilm mediums include 16/35mm roll film, microfiche, and aperture card.


Today we create microfilm from digital images, or paper originals. Microfilm is eye-legible and when processed and stored correctly, has an expected life span of 500 years and can be easily duplicated and digitised for access. Our microfilm is created on high contrast 35 mm silver halide microfilm and conforms to ISO standards.

NZMS are recognised as the world-class industry leader in New Zealand for microfilming and scanning historical and archival documents and have regularly contributed to the development and upkeep of national and international standards for imaging technologies since 1996.

Our Microfilm Services include; Material Preparation, Inspection and Collation, Preservation Microfilming, Consultancy, Condition Reporting, Disaster Recovery, Master Film Storage, Micropublishing, Microfilm Scanning, OCR, Digital Microfilm, and Acetate Recovery.

Our Microfilm products include; Micropublished Titles, Stones Directories, Microfilm Reels and Boxes, and Microfilm Readers and Scanners. NZMS are also Australasian agents for EMP microfilm and chemicals.

If you are new to discovering Microfilm, we have also put together a handy resource of Microfilm Terminology.


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