Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library
Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library
Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
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Microfilm Reader/Scanners

We have a great incentive to find the best scanners on the market – we use them too. Over the years, we have evaluated best-of-breed microfilm reader/scanners and built a relationship with the companies we admire.

ST ViewScan 4

ST Imaging has received Platinum Awards for their products four years in a row, the ST ViewScan 4 is the latest digital microfilm viewer and takes the greatest features from earlier award winning models, combined with modern software and usability to deliver an all new user experience.

The all-new ST ViewScan 4 uses similar features to previous models including the film control keys on the carrier. Plus, its small footprint can be incorporated into any location, from a small office to a vast research room. Its technological updates make it our most efficient viewer to date.

If you already have an ST ViewScan III, it’s easy to take the next step to an ST ViewScan 4 (provided your PC has a USB3 connection) through a simple user-installable camera module and software upgrade.

  • "Finally replaced all the old Canon microfilm readers with ViewScan digital desktop microfilm scanners in the National Library reading rooms. The image quality is way better, virtually no maintenance and they are quiet. It was technically challenging having the ability for the public to use USB sticks while not compromising the security of the Library's network. Manufacturers take note! The staff and researchers are now enjoying the new technology."
    Quote posted on Linkedin by David Adams, National Library

To contact us about the ST ViewScan or arrange a demo contact our team.


Eyecom Microfiche Readers

Eyecom offers a wide range of readers and reader/printers that can be used to view microfiche and microfilm. NZMS are the New Zealand agents for Eyecom products. These offer a low-cost approach to viewing microforms.

You can view the full range of available product on the Eyecom website or for more information; please contact us.