Recollect Administrator Workshop November 2017

Following the NDF Conference last month we hosted a Recollect Administrators Workshop on Thursday 23rd November. With such a large crowd this year of 21 Recollect administrators from 15 diverse organisations, we thoroughly enjoyed the lively discussions. We discussed the future direction for Recollect and all the wonderful ways in which organisations are encouraging their communities to discover, access and engage with their content and history.
The NZMS Recollect team reflected on the past year of updates and developments, opening a discussion on the roadmap for Recollect and what we are planning for the year ahead. We asked the attendees to score items on our roadmap that are most relevant or interesting for them. The results showed huge interest in the development of a “Narrative tool” or “Storytelling space” where administrators can use the content in their Recollect sites to tell stories about their communities and organisations through online exhibitions. With many Recollect sites holding valuable and interesting content this would be a great tool to help promote their content and encourage more engagement with not only the Recollect site but the history and stories that are waiting to be told within Recollect and their communities.
“Great day out in Grenada North at NZMS getting more tips and tricks for future potential for our Recollect site, Church Papers Online”  John Kinder Library.
These workshops are extremely beneficial for the NZMS Recollect team as it allows us to engage with the users of our product and lets us discover how we can make it more effective for each user to meet their goal of either community engagement or managing their collections privately.

There was an interesting discussion around marketing and promotional ideas to create a wider awareness of Recollect sites. We noted a few innovative ideas such as the Wellington City Library team who printed historical photographs of houses onto post cards and sent them to “The Residents” at the addresses of the Wellington houses that they hold in their collections. This encouraged people to visit the Wellington City Library Recollect site and experience the “oh that’s my house” moment and perhaps learn more about the history of the house they live in the opportunity to add to the body of knowledge about the house. These creative ideas to promote Recollect and increase the users was great to hear from Gabor, he tells us the user workshop was “Great to meet others using the platform and to discuss common interests and issues” Gabor Toth, Wellington City Libraries.

We also discussed events such as a photo competition for children to help them experience and understand that the photographs of today are the history of tomorrow. Creating that beautiful picture of history in the making and encouraging the younger generation to interact with the past on Recollect.
Our very own Tyler Hersey helped the group explore Google Analytics and Google Data Studio as platforms for measuring engagement with Recollect sites. Recollect has built in analytics that will generate reports based on the usage and engagement of each site. By measuring the success of engagement the administrators can adjust their marketing and promotional tactics to increase the visitors who interact with their Recollect site.
These Recollect workshops are a great way for the administrators to bounce ideas off each other and see what successes other sites have had with promotional events and initiatives. We love the collaboration and information sharing that arises from these Recollect community forums. They share ideas, issues and feed off each other in a great space for discussing what the future of Recollect can do. “The session at NZMS was so very good and helpful, it’s a very worthwhile day to attend” Emma Milburn, Digital Outreach Co-ordinator, Dunedin Public Library.
All of this on the day after the NDF Conference, we have all come away full of inspiration and ready to simmer these ideas over the holiday break.
What a great way to wrap up the last GLAM conference for the year.
To find out more about Recollect and some of the existing users, see here or contact us for a consultation.