Clubs, Societies and Professional Bodies

Common sense of purpose and identity

Clubs and societies are formed to provide and promote a common sense of purpose and identity to their members. Empowering action and sharing of knowledge and ideas between members and society in general.

Recollect provides management of knowledge, ideas, as well as past, present and future activities making them available and discoverable online to members or others in a controlled manner. Recollect provides a platform genuine engagement between members and others supporting the purpose of the organisation.

Key features include:

  • Online, anywhere, anytime
  • Community focused
  • Collections and digital asset management
  • Powerful metadata tools to enrich content
  • Community contributions – comments, recollections, voting, amendments, new assets
  • Content discoverability
  • Numerous tools for the user to engage with content, the library and others in the community
  • Knowledge creation
  • Use, reuse and re-purpose information
  • IP retention
  • Collaboration space

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