Commercial Enterprise

Selling products and services

Commercial enterprises are formed to sell products and services to target customer groups. They have a need to manage their brand identity, understand customers opinions and behaviours and to influence staff knowledge, service and retention

Recollect provides a platform to engage with groups, whether they are customers, staff, the public or shareholders. Concepts, promotions, brand material, training material can all be accessed through Recollect and enriched through user comments and contributions.

  • Brand concepts can be tested with focus groups
  • Customers can be engaged for new product ideas
  • Staff training and knowledge retention can be enhanced through interaction on Recollect
  • Key stakeholders can be engaged

Key features include:

  • Online, anywhere, anytime
  • Community focused
  • Digital asset management
  • Powerful metadata tools to enrich content
  • Community contributions – comments, recollections, voting, amendments, new assets
  • Content discoverability
  • Numerous tools for the user to engage with content, the library and others in the community
  • Knowledge creation
  • Use, reuse and re-purpose information
  • IP retention
  • Collaboration space

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