If you work for a museum, gallery, archival institution, library or any industry that is responsible for managing and maintaining a special and significant collection of material, a Collection Management System (CMS) could be beneficial for you.

At NZMS we see talented people coming up with incredible ideas for projects to inspire, to educate, to entertain their communities. We also see that the tricky part is not coming up with the ideas, or even finding an enthusiastic team with the drive and energy to make them happen, the tricky part is undoubtedly finding funding for the project.

We can capture the full text content (and more) of digitised items including the contents of manuscripts, journals and books. We also can capture specific metadata such as author, dates, titles, descriptions, subjective information according to your rule set as well as other references and codes etc.

Your collection becomes richer and more discoverable when information is pulled from your image files. Text can be produced from content in the images, by ascribing descriptive metadata or by linking images with your analogue or digital finding aids or other databased information.

We recommend discussing your digital collections with our experienced Recollect team to determine the subscription level that will best suit your needs. Learn more about Recollect

Our team of equipment specialists recently designed a specific capture unit for the Very Large Format “Black Maps”. No matter how unique or complex the requirements of your material NZMS can create a solution to digitise and preserve your material.