Image courtesy of Andy Fenton
Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library
Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
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Overview of Content / Text Conversion

Digitised images can be so much more informative if you can combine them with text content pertinent to them.  Text can be produced from content in the images, by ascribing descriptive metadata or by linking images with your analogue or digital finding aids or other databased information.  This creation of searchable or editable text increases the chances of discovery and assists with sharing information about your images and collections.

There are many ways to undertake content conversion.  NZMS offers content conversion services at various levels from the most basic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - the creation of a simple PDF using software to recognise text in an image, and not correcting it in any way, through to the most complex: transcription and “marking up” - completely republished and repurposed documents using a combination of keyboarding, software, and marking up into a future-proofed eLanguage (such as the New Zealand Official Yearbooks).

Books or manuscripts (or any other objects with text content) are digitised (scanned) and from there we use software or keyboarding to produce output files in the formats you use - Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, Text or CSV or a variety of eBook formats.  It’s hard to predict future use, so if you seek flexibility and the ability to re-purpose your content we offer a complete customised Extensible Markup Language (XML) conversion service. 

If you are interested in displaying your data (or images) online then we can build websites or web pages (that fit seamlessly within your existing website) so that you can make your content available to others.

It can be a complicated area - by all means contact us to discuss what's possible with your material.