Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library
Image courtesy of Andy Fenton
Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
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Pre Press Scanners

We have four press production scanners which we use mostly  for photographic prints, negatives, transparencies but are also well suited for flat documents. Three of these scanners have a hollow lid which is ideal for glass plate negatives and lantern slides as no pressure is placed on the top of the fragile negative.

They have 15,000 pixels per inch (ppi) resolution for reflective and transmissive originals, feature correlated double-sampling of image data, and provide high-end color (16-bits per color) or greyscale image scanning. Their scanning area for tranparencies is up to 13.8 x 17.9 inches and for reflectives up to 13.8 c 18.5 inches.

These scanners utilise an 8,000 element, trilinear CCD array, with a Maximum density (Dmax) of 4.1 and a density range of 3.9 D. This contrasts with an average scanner which scans an original of up to 8 x 12” @ 600ppi with a Dmax of 2.4. Density range can be thought of as the ability to capture tonal difference, or range of contrast, in the extremes of the image such as shadows and highlights.