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Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library
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Customised Solutions

We can create outstanding images for you but there are many other factors that can go into a digitisation project. 

No two jobs are exactly the same and we tailor our workflow  to the specific requirements you have, whether that relates to:  special handling of irreplaceable items,  file format, image quality & resolution,  file naming, digital repair & touch up,  or document conversion.

For high volume projects we use a range of commercial and in-house software to efficiently process, name and validate files.  However for archival or exhibition quality scans of photographs, paintings and other graphic material  it’s the human factor that is critical and our technicians are skilled at evaluating tonal and colour fidelity. 

Understanding what you want to achieve is also critical and we have worked throughout New Zealand  with community organisations, families, local history associations, publishing and pre press companies, central & local government, iwi, and the GLAM institutions. A large number of our clients come to us because we have the reputation for quality and they trust us to translate their business needs into appropriate image capture and handling specifications.

If you are not sure about the technical specifications for your job we are happy to offer recommendations and show you the options. For larger projects a pilot can be a good way to test and fine tune the outcomes before we start.

Here are some of the solutions we’ve provided for clients that aren’t out of the box:

Case Studies

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