Tell Your Stories – New Digital Storytelling Features in Recollect

Digital Storytelling

In a world where content is king / queen and online research and learning is the most powerful and preferred way of finding information, digital storytelling tools have emerged. Why not enhance the access and engagement to your digital collections by sharing the stories about your community and collections?

Online storytelling and community engagement initiatives within our Recollect Community has inspired our Recollect team to develop a series of new features that help our Recollect Administrators bring life to the stories within their digital collections. The often-hidden stories within collections and the relationships between items can now be easily documented and displayed in a Recollect site adding to the richness of the metadata and knowledge around a collection.

The new storytelling features include a Narrative tool, Timeline tool, a Collections widget, and a User Map widget to identify the level of engagement with your stories.

Read more about these features here.