Mahakala Thangka, courtesy Marian Bond
Image courtesy of Feilding Public Library
Image courtesy of Andy Fenton
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Save Our Papers

A Collection Management Approach to Preserving the National Newspaper Collection by Andy Fenton

LIANZA President Corin Haines has promoted sector conversations and discussions, regardless of topic, in the Polynesian spirit of ‘talanoa’ which resonates with the in-house practice NZMS works on to create potential conditions for communication based on a terrain of mutuality – and I promise it beats antagonism, bias or disrespect based on status, predisposition or representation hands down… I offer this paper in the spirit of promoting constructive dialogue around a topic of significant cultural heritage importance.

Ask a customer-facing librarian working in a public library around the country about one of their most accessed local history resources and they will tell you their community & regional newspapers feature right up there.  So it is deeply ironic to me that these are not identified more strongly as a critical resource for us to preserve for future generations:

“I want to discuss the preservation of your local history with you, especially your community newspapers.  I want you to help me voice a call to arms to develop a published strategy for a (distributed) National Newspaper Collection – to collaborate and contribute to a New Zealand NewsPlan…”

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