Equipment Supply

As the largest and most trusted digitisation agency in Aotearoa New Zealand, NZMS has the experience and skills to develop comprehensive digitisation strategies and set up in-house digitisation suites tailored to your needs.

We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end service that begins with an in-depth analysis of your materials and stakeholder requirements. From there, we can guide you in developing a strategy, designing efficient capture and quality management workflows, and selecting the necessary hardware and software. We also provide extensive training and continuous support for your team. NZMS provides service and support to your in-house digitisation suite throughout its operational life and as your requirements change, we can adapt and alter your processes and equipment.

We stand behind our equipment as fit for purpose and optimised for your digitisation strategy. When we cannot source an appropriate off-the-shelf solution, we can custom design and build equipment that will meet your needs.

NZMS is an authorised reseller of equipment from our partners listed below – please click on each logo to view the full range available. For unique requirements, we can source equipment from around the globe or custom-design solutions to meet your capture specifications.


Our Partners

Upgrade your Existing Equipment

When you purchase your equipment through us, we’ll notify you if it becomes obsolete or unsupported, and can provide replacement options to upgrade your digitisation suite.