HMIF moves to new “Heritage Fortress”

HMIF (the Heritage Materials Imaging Facility) opened in 2003 as a joint project  between Victoria University of Wellington’s Electronic Text Centre and NZMS, based in the National Library of New Zealand’s building.   The facility, now wholly-owned by NZMS, made it possible for us to bring the highest quality scanning equipment to New Zealand, for All New Zealanders and enables the production of archival and reproduction quality images from a huge variety of materials.
In particular it delivers a non-invasive scanning solution for institutions with fragile and very large format items such as maps, plans, panorama photographs, works of art and bound volumes.  The centrepiece of the facility is our 1.1 ton Cruse Scanner with a 150 megapixel digital camera, and 1.5 x 1.0 metre scan bed.  The quality of the images from this scanner is superlative and sets the benchmark for the country.
HMIF has been located in the National Library building since it was opened by the then Minister for the National Library and Archives New Zealand, the Hon Marian Hobbs. With the Library about to decant for major refurbishment, HMIF is also moving out!
We are delighted to announce that we have been offered an excellent space by Archives New Zealand within the security of their building at 10 Mulgrave Street, Wellington, 100 yards from its first home.
The facility will occupy an imaging lab and store on the 1st floor within the restricted area of the archives stacks. This ensures the continuation of the “heritage-secure”, climate-controlled and colour-balanced environment that we offer in our current location.  Clients will be able to deliver material either to Archives’ Reception Desk on the ground floor or to the South Dockway on Thorndon Quay with prior notice.  A car park will be available to our clients in the vicinity of the dockway, a major plus in central Wellington.
The relocation will be take place between 10-20 August, with the greatest challenge posed by the massive but extremely sensitive Cruse scanner which is calibrated to one ten-thousandth of a metre!
The facility is scheduled to be operational again by 20 August. We always welcome visitors, so if you are planning a trip to Wellington or attending the NDF Conference in November come and see our new home!
We would like to thank both our past and future landlords, the National Library of New Zealand and Archives New Zealand for their support.
If you would like information about the services at HMIF contact us here.