NZMS spins out Recollect



New Zealand Micrographic Services (NZMS) today announces that it is splitting Recollect from NZMS into a separate legal entity. Recollect was developed by NZMS as a cloud-based Special Collection Management and Community Engagement Platform for the Cultural Heritage and Archive sector.

The Recollect platform has been experiencing sustained growth throughout Australasia over the past 4 years and to facilitate the continued growth of Recollect, NZMS has decided to structure the platform into its own company.

This will allow the platform to be managed independently of NZMS and will enable the new company to raise capital to support the expansion of Recollect into new overseas markets. This ‘spin out’ will also allow NZMS to continue its growth through professional services offering digitisation and microfilming services, as well as equipment.

NZMS will maintain its position as the Recollect reseller in the New Zealand market and will continue to provide support to existing New Zealand Recollect customers. NZMS will also take on the role of training new resellers that Recollect may appoint, such as the recent Australian reseller appointment of DatacomIT in February 2019.

After 24 years leading NZMS, Andy Fenton now assumes the role of Chairman and Founder for both companies, he and co-Founder Audrey Fenton will remain on the Board of each organisation. Audrey will also maintain her role as Finance Manager and Director. To support this expansion the board have made the following executive appointments effective immediately.

Gavin Mitchell, General Manager of NZMS has overseen the growth of NZMS and Recollect for the past 4 years will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of Recollect.

David Tingey, who joined the company in April 2019 as Country Manager of NZMS will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of New Zealand Micrographic Services.


Andy Fenton notes:

“Audrey and I have enjoyed recollecting back to founding NZMS with John and Nan Pert back in 1990, and think about signature moments where we have grown on the back of a new service offering or investment around equipment or software services… This significant next step continues that trend but on a much grander scale – a global scale, and our research in North America and UK indicates the GLAM and special collections sectors of the world are looking for a product like Recollect – not surprising when you consider the Australasian market has grown from 15 to 70+ sites since 2015. 

I’m looking forward to a governance-focused role and giving our new CEO’s the space and delegations they need to drive company performance in accordance with our strategic plans and our company values.  I’ll also be staying in touch with the sector in a networking and connecting role for both organisations.”

Andy Fenton, Chairman and Founder NZMS and Recollect


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