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Chinese Language Papers


(Lian He Zao Bao) 联合早报

Most comprehensive and trusted Chinese information source for Chinese literates. Reflects current issues, commercial interest, lifestyles and trends of the Chinese community locally and globally. Particular strengths are its in-depth understanding of China, focus on SME business scene and a bastion of all things Chinese.


(Lian He Wan Bao) 联合晚报

Wanbao is an upbeat, refreshing Chinese evening daily with an innovative “dual-cover”. It offers reader the perfect combination of top news stories from the front cover, strong coverage of health news, plus vibrant hot-topic features and entertainment news from the back page. Whichever cover readers start with, Wanbao always completes their evening with a good read.


(Xin Ming Re Bao) 新民日报

Established in1967, Xin Ming is the Chinese evening daily that brings its loyal readers the latest news in the area of human interest stories and sports coverage. Xin Ming’s reports are always brought across in an easy-to-read fashion, coupled with generous use of pictures and visuals.


(Friday Weekly) 星期五周报

Friday Weekly was launched on the 22 February 1991 by Senior Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew (current Minister Mentor). It was published weekly every Friday. Its main target readers are secondary school students and teenagers.


(Thumbs Up) 大拇指

Thumbs Up is a Chinese newspaper published in Singapore for school children. It was launched by Deputy Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong (Current Prime Minister) on 15 January 2000. Most primary schools in Singapore subscribe to the newspaper for their Chinese students, to improve their Chinese language. The newspaper reports both international and local news. There is a section with mock examination questions to help students prepare for examinations. The newspaper also promotes Arts education by featuring art pieces selected by local artistic guides. Mr Tan Swie Hian, a well known local artist, was the first artistic guide for the newspaper. The newspaper also organise Arts workshops and competitions annually. The Arts education sections of the paper is supported and endorsed by the National Arts Council Singapore. The newspaper also has a section for fun and games which features Chinese comics contributed by readers, as well as a weekly cartoon story on the mascot of the paper.


(Nan Yang Shang Bao) 南洋商报  Singapore Version

Nányáng Xīngzhōu) was a newspaper in Singapore that was founded by philanthropist-entrepreneur Tan Kah Kee on 6 September 1923 in Singapore. On 2 May 1971 three senior staff of the newspaper were arrested, accused of “a deliberate campaign to stir up Chinese racial emotions”. The newspaper was merged with Sin Chew Jit Poh on 16 March 1983 to form the current Lianhe Zaobao and has ceased to exist.


(Xing Zhou Re Bao) 星洲日报 Singapore Version

Sin Chew Daily is founded on January 15, 1929 by Aw Boon Par (胡文豹) and Aw Boon Haw (胡文虎), founder of the Tiger Balm (虎標萬金油) in Singapore as part of the Star Almagated Newspaper formed by these two philanthropists. [8] The newspaper was suspended between 1942 and 1945. Even after the secession of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965, Sin Chew Daily still operated with its headquarter in Singapore under the management of successors of Aw Brothers. In the early 1970s, to expedite the printing process, Sin Chew daily decided to build a new plant located at its present head office premises in Petaling Jaya. With the setting up of this new plant, other departments such as the news desk, editorial, production and circulation were started. The Petaling Jaya operation became independent from the head office in Singapore. Following the directives from the government on restraining foreigners from controlling the press, the Aw family transferred their ownership of Sin Chew Daily to Lim Kheng Kim in 1982.


English Language Papers


The Straits Times

Being a newspaper of choice for 167 years, The Straits Times is the English national flagship newspaper in Singapore. It is the most-read newspaper title in Singapore – 1.25m readers in 2012. ST has been serving Singapore since 1845. It is a national newspaper with a trusted source of news and views on things that matter to its reader, whenever and however they want to read it – in print, online, or on tablets or mobile devices. It has a 167-year commitment to deliver reliable news and credible views on developments in Singapore, and around the world. ST showcases original content from its team of brand-name writers, in Singapore, as well as in its network of bureaus around the world. It has extensive coverage of world news, Asia and Southeast Asia news, home news, sports news, financial news and lifestyle updates. It has several ‘Top of the News’ pages of the most significant news of the day and focuses on the very best stories that matter to readers, giving them the new sand interpreting how this will affect them.


The Sunday Times

Launched in 1931, The Sunday Times keeps you up-to-date on everything you need to know – latest news, burning issues, hottest lifestyle trends, useful advice, interesting personalities, food cravings, family issues, etc. It boasts the highest readership among Sunday newspapers in Singapore – 1.26m readers in 2012 with a P15+ reach of 31% of the 4.035m population. Some 347,000 copies are sold on average each week, making The Sunday Times the best-selling Sunday newspaper. SUT is the Sunday edition of the ST and is packed with the latest news and features. To add zest to the Sunday reading experience, its stories are presented in bright, lively, vibrant, colourful, more leisurely format and other visual elements. The paper produces in-depth reviews of the events and issues of the past week, as well as insightful commentaries by brand-name writers. SUT now has more hard news in the main section and more leisure news in the sundaylife! section. The front page has a clean design, with bigger blurbs of the must-read stories inside. Its content connects with the interests, aspirations & lifestyle of its readers.


The Business Times

The Business Times is firmly established as Singapore’s leading business daily. Published by Singapore Press Holdings, The Business Times reports on corporate and financial news and provides analyses that have an impact on decision-making each business day. In its compact Saturday edition, it also features personal finance, the relaxed side of corporate personalities, lifestyle trends, motoring, health and the arts. Publishes since 1976, it effectively reached PMEBs and the financially savvy and is a key source of business intelligence in Singapore.


The New Paper

At a time when newspapers throughout the world are losing its younger readers, The New Paper remains the most compelling newspaper for young eyeballs. It has the youngest readers among all newspapers with a median age of 37, against the national median of 42. The New Paper, already known for its bold and visual presentation, enhanced its standing internationally with four top awards in 2012.



Focuses on the dynamism and colour of the streets and investigative reports. The News is big on compelling news, hot button issues and talking points. The News puts a human face to Singapore issues through touching real-life stories.


Malay & Tamil Newspapers


Berita Harian

Established in 1957, the Malay Daily covers a wide spectrum on topics from politics and sports to culture and religion. It is a paper which speaks with authority and understands the needs and interests of the Malay Community. Berita Harian also provides a platform for the Malay Community to voice their views on issues which concern them. Other highlights include Malay culture and tradition, arts and heritage, family hobbies and leisure.
Berita Minggu (which was revamped on 7th March 2010), is a Sunday edition focusing on lifestyle, teen and family matters and health issues. Berita Harian and Berita Minggu are the ideal choices to reach out to the Malay community in Singapore.


Tamil Murasu

Tamil Marasu keeps reader, both local and expatriate Indians, informed of the latest within the Indian community and the world. A daily dose of “something for everyone”. from students to parents to working professional. Besides being a key channel for updates from India and south Asia, Tamil Marasu serves the local community well by:

  • Providing Local and India breaking news
  • Being a study guide to Tamil language students

Readers keenly follow news on sports (eg. cricket and EPL) and entertainment news from Hollywood.