Descriptive metadata We can capture the full text content (and more) of digitised items including the contents of manuscripts, journals and books.  We also can capture specific metadata such as author, dates, titles, descriptions, subjective information according to your rule set as well as other references and codes etc.  NZMS will work with you to establish a template for information indexing ensuring that the information that’s important to you is the information you receive.  This extends to non-text originals such as photos, art or ephemera where you may wish to associate information recorded on the reverse, as a caption, or in an associated database or index. We can customise filenaming by incorporating metadata, for example: ‘/author/book_name/pge001’.  All metadata can usually be transcribed directly from the digitised images which means that there is no extra handling of your precious heritage items. This is a BIG subject!  Please contact us to discuss it further.]]>