This role will involve analysing client data, advising the implementation team and clients on data transformation requirements, data cleaning, checking and reformatting, importing data into the Recollect system and general programming.

As a key member of the executive management team, the Finance Manager will interact across everyone in the group’s two companies, NZMS and Recollect.

Stephen Hardman has been appointed the role of Business Development Manager (BDM) for the Southern Region and brings with him a wealth of expertise. A central focus of the role is maintaining and building on existing customer relationships, while also making new connections, to enable NZMS’s growth within the region – and Stephen’s extensive experience aligns perfectly with this mission.

Understanding what copyright is, and what it means for different organisations, is an important topic for everyone in the Cultural Heritage (CH) sector to consider. In short, Copyright is the right to control the reproduction of original work. This resource is a guideline only and introduces the nuances of copyright relevant to the CH sector in New Zealand.